1. Domain Name Strategy
Q : I don’t know what my niche is. What niche should I go into?

A : It’s best that you choose a niche that is related to your passion. We suggest taking some time to do your own research and think about this. If not, then don’t worry. Peng Joon will be covering the topic of “Picking Your Niche” at the event. If you’re not sure of your niche just yet, the safest bet is to purchase, as this will allow you go into any niche later. Later you can always purchase a new domain after the event once you have a better idea of what you want to do and think that suits your business better.
Q : I don’t know what my domain name should be. What domain should I go with?

A : This is up to you, as this will be the web name of your future online business, brand or product. The domain that you purchase should be related to your niche. It can be your business name, it could be your personal brand name – it could even be your own name. Do refer to the tips Peng Joon provided in Pre Training #1, then take some time to think of a good domain name. Domain names cannot be changed once purchased, so make sure to buy the .com you really want.
2. Purchase a Domain Name
Q : I already have my own domain provider. Do I still need to sign up for Namecheap? Can I buy from my existing provider?

A : Yes, you may. We only recommend Namecheap and Hostjill as most of our participants do not have their own domain provider at this point, and this is the service that we ourselves use so we are able to vouch for its affordability, reliability and security. So if you wish to use your pre-existing provider, you may certainly do so.
Q : Can I change my domain name later if I decide I want a different name?

A : Unfortunately, once your domain name has been registered, you won’t be able to change or edit it. If you decide that you want change your domain name, you will need to purchase a new domain name.
Q : I tried purchasing a domain, but says the domain is already registered! What should I do?

A : If the domain that you want is already taken, then you will need to think of an alternative domain name. Take your time, and try to see if other variations of the name you want are available.
For example, if you wanted to purchase but the name has been taken, try looking for or, or some other alternative. You could also try seeing if the .net is available, but it would be best to aim for a .com.
3. Sign Up For Hostjill
Q : I already have my own hosting provider. Do I still need to sign up for Hostjill? Can I buy from my existing provider?

A : Yes, you may. We only recommend Hostjill as most of our participants do not have their own hosting at this point, and this is the hosting provider that we ourselves use so we are able to vouch for its affordability, reliability and security. However if you wish to use your pre-existing provider, you may certainly do so.
Q : I understand that Hostjill accounts can host multiple domains. My family member/friend is attending, may I share my hosting account with him so we don’t have to purchase a separate hosting account?

A : Yes, Hostjill does allow unlimited hosting, so if you have a friend or family member attending the workshop with you, you may both host your domains on a single hosting account. All you need to do is purchase your domain name at NameCheap and then click HERE to view the tutorial on how to add a domain in HostJill. 
Q : Do I need to sign up for the 3-Year hosting plan? Can I sign up for the monthly or annual plan instead?

A : Yes, you may. However, do keep in mind that in the long run, the 3-Year plan is actually more affordable than the monthly or annual plan, and will provide long-term benefits.
Q : I’m having trouble accessing my cPanel. Please help.

A : You may send an email to Hostjill ( if you purchased hosting from them. If you are using a different hosting provider, you will want to contact their support team as they will be better able to assist you with this.
4. Linking Your Domain Name To Hostjill
Q : It’s been more than 24 hours and my site is not displaying properly. What should I do?

A : Make sure you have already linked your domain name to your hosting servers. You may refer to the tutorial “2. Linking Your Domain Name to Hostjill” on this page if you are not sure how to do so.
Q : I already changed my nameservers but I still can’t view my website. What should I do?

A : First check that the nameservers are correct ( and You may need to try inputting the nameservers again, as sometimes Namecheap does not register the change the first time. Another common mistake is an extra “space” before ns1. If the issue persists, kindly send an email to and ask HostJill’s support team to look into the matter for you.
5. Install WordPress on Your Domain
Q : I already have my own website, but it’s not run on WordPress. Can I use that instead?

A : It would be best to use a WordPress website for the event, as we would like everyone to be able to follow along with the lessons. While Peng Joon isn’t teaching how to use WordPress, the steps might be different if you are not using a WordPress site.
Q : Do I need to pay for WordPress?

A : No, WordPress is a free platform that comes with cPanel under Softaculous. All you need to do is install it. Find the steps how to install WordPress HERE.
Q : I tried accessing my website at, but it doesn’t show up. What should I do?

A : Kindly email with a screenshot of the error you are experiencing and provide our support team with the details of the issue so they may assist you with resolving it.
You could also try checking on these few things before contacting our team:
• Have you already linked your domain name with your hosting servers? If not, please refer to the tutorial on this page.
• Have you installed WordPress into the correct directory? Make sure that the “In Directory” field is empty when you install WordPress.  

Q : I did something wrong and need to reinstall WordPress. How do I do this?

A : Log into your cPanel and click on the WordPress icon. There should be a list of your WordPress installations. Choose the correct one and click on the red “X” icon to remove the installation. After doing this, click on “Install” to reinstall WordPress. Click HERE for a step by step guide.
6. Sign Up For a PayPal Business/Premier Account
Q : How do I upgrade from personal to business account?

A : Here are the steps on how to upgrade your account:
2. Click the Upgrade Now button.
3. The next page will allow you to choose a Premier Account or a Business Account.
4. If you have selected a Business Account, you will be asked to enter your Business Information.
Q : What is the difference between business and premier?

A : Depending on your country PayPal offers different account names. Basically, both allow you to also receive payments which is exactly what we want you to be able to do and what both business and premier accounts offer.
Q : I tried signing up for a PayPal account, but what I see on my screen is very different from the tutorial screenshots. Why is this?

A : This is because PayPal’s website tends to differ slightly between countries, so PayPal’s interface may look a little different from our tutorial. However, the steps to sign up for an account should be similar. Just make sure that you sign up for either a Premier or Business PayPal account, and verify your account. 
Q : I have signed up for a PayPal account, but I still have not received the 4-digit code to verify my credit/debit card. What should I do next?

A : It can take a few days for the charge to go through. Once it has, you can expedite the process of getting the 4-digit code by calling up your bank and asking them for the code. Just let them know that you would like to verify your credit card for PayPal, and they will be able to assist you.
Q : I signed up for PayPal, but my account is set to the wrong country. How do I change it?

A : Once you have set the country for your PayPal account, the only way to change it is to contact PayPal support and ask them to change it for you. Alternatively, you may sign up for a new PayPal account under a different email address.
Q : I come from a country where PayPal accounts are not allowed to receive funds ( though I am able to make payments with it). What can I do?

A : If your PayPal account is not able to receive funds, you may register for an account in a country that does allow you to receive funds. You don’t have to worry about the billing address PayPal asks for during signup, as they won’t actually be sending you any letters or checks. Just create the account, and verify your email address/credit card.
Other Questions
Q: Besides the domain name/hosting, will there be any other additional costs that I need to sign up for during the seminar?

A: No, the only costs involved will be for purchasing your domain name and hosting during the pre training. There will be no further costs during the event.
Q : Will this really work? Can you guarantee that I can make a lot of money by doing what Peng Joon teaches?

A : Yes, Peng Joon’s system does work. In fact, he uses this in all our company’s digital products. However, we do not guarantee that you will be successful or that you will make a lot of money after this seminar. This is because we cannot guarantee that you will implement what you learned, or that you will take action once you leave the event. Only those who are willing to take action after the seminar will be most likely to find success, so that part is up to you.
Q : I’m not technically-savvy. Will I be able to follow and understand what Peng Joon is teaching?

A : Yes, you should be able to. For one thing, what Peng Joon will be teaching isn’t very technical, and will be taught step-by-step. Secondly, our trained team of coaches will be on hand during the event to assist you if you ever need help – just raise your hand and a coach will be at your side.
If you have a question that is not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at, and we will be happy to help you with your query!
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